by jane simpson

black line

Big Flower, Little Dog

Sorry about the quality of this photo. Life has been complicated enough lately that the simple act of posting this picture is a great accomplishment.

Having felt rather uninspired lately, I took a trip to a local art store. Yummy. I should do that more often! They were having a sale on full sheets of 140 lb. Arches cold press — pretty much my all-time favorite paper. I snatched up 20 sheets and plan to go back for more.

I’ve been using cheap paper so long, I forgot how nice it is to paint using the real thing.

And since I got such a nice deal on full sheets, I decided to start using them. In full. No more tearing them into halfs or fourths. No guilt!

I also got myself a little art table that tilts. Good thing, I really didn’t have any good place to paint on these big sheets.

Anyway, here’s my first effort.

watercolor flower, Arches cold press, 140 lb, full sheet (22" x 30")

The dog is there mainly to show the scale of the painting.


purple-brown flower

no, i don’t know why this flower is sitting in front of a venetian blind-ed window


knock, knock         who’s there?
flower                      flower who?
happy pink flower

knock knock         who’s there?
flower                     flower who?
peachy framed flower

knock knock         who’s there?
flower                    flower who?
blue framed flower on green

knock knock        who’s there?
orange                  orange who?
orange you glad I didn’t say flower?

sunflower against magenta

when somebody says this is where the magic happens — it’s a pretty good bet there is no magic and nothing is happening there

big yellow flower

the proportions are all wrong on this flower. i still like it.

two sunflowers with blue centers

what’s that you say? my picture’s crooked? no, it’s not.

i believe that’s what’s called plausible deniability.

i have been remiss in posting a picture a day. i’ll try to catch up.

yellow flower with tiled frame